MODBUS-RTU 32DI Acquisition Module-I32 RS485 Industrial Control Board is a reliable and flexible solution for acquiring and monitoring digital input signals in industrial environments. Its support for MODBUS-RTU communication and RS485 interface makes it compatible with a wide range of industrial control systems.

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The MODBUS-RTU 32DI Acquisition Module-I32 RS485 is an industrial control board designed for acquiring digital input signals in a Modbus communication system. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring and controlling digital input signals in industrial applications.

Key features of the MODBUS-RTU 32DI Acquisition Module-I32 RS485:

Digital Input Acquisition: The module is capable of acquiring digital input signals from external devices or sensors. It supports up to 32 digital input channels, allowing for the monitoring of multiple input signals simultaneously.

MODBUS-RTU Communication: The module utilizes the MODBUS-RTU protocol for communication. It can act as a slave device in a MODBUS network, allowing it to interface with other MODBUS-compatible devices such as PLCs, HMI systems, or SCADA systems.

RS485 Interface: The module features an RS485 interface for communication. RS485 is a robust and widely used serial communication standard in industrial environments, offering reliable data transmission over long distances and in noisy environments.

Industrial Control Board: The module is designed to meet industrial-grade standards, making it suitable for use in harsh and demanding industrial environments. It is built with robust components and features to ensure reliable operation in challenging conditions.

Easy Integration: The module can be easily integrated into existing industrial control systems. It supports standard MODBUS commands for reading digital input values and provides convenient access to the acquired data for further processing or control.

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