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The Modbus to MQTT gateway is a Modbus RTU to MQTT communication module that supports RS485, RS422, and network port communication. It is an economically stable, easy-to-install, and highly applicable product. Support up to 50 function codes, each of which can operate a coil or register. You can subscribe to 5 topics, publish 5 topics simultaneously, and support MQTT protocol connection to major cloud platforms (recommended for Alibaba Cloud, OneNET, etc.): 24V power input, anti-short circuit, anti-reverse protection.

Features and functions

  • Supports Modbus RTU master station function, using standard Modbus RTU communication protocol
  • The communication interface can be selected as RS485 or RS422
  • The baud rate, data format, and Modbus slave station-related information of the gateway can be set through the upper computer software
  • Supports static IP and dynamic acquisition of IP (selected through a dial switch), and supports domain name resolution
  • MQTT supports long-term online (TCP actively connects to remote servers) and has an automatic reconnection function
  • The QoS level of MQTT is QoS 0 or QoS 1
  • The slave data is packaged in JSON format and sent to the server through MQTT cycles, with adjustable sending intervals

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