TP-XC TH-XC TG-XC MD204-XC For Xinje HMI Touch Pannel Connect Xinje PLC Communication Cable XVP Cable

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Model: TP-XC/TH-XC, TG-XC, MD204-XC (PC-XC)
Purpose: Support Xinje PLC connecting Xinje HMI touch panel.

To connect a Xinje HMI (human-machine interface) touch panel to a Xinje PLC (programmable logic controller), you will need to use a Xinje communication cable. This cable will typically have a connector on one end that plugs into the HMI, and a connector on the other end that plugs into the PLC. The type of connector required will depend on the specific models of the HMI and PLC that you are using.

Once the communication cable is connected, you will need to configure the HMI and PLC to communicate with each other. This can typically be done through the HMI’s configuration software, or through the PLC’s programming software. You may need to enter the PLC’s communication settings, such as its IP address and communication protocol, into the HMI in order to establish a connection.

Once the HMI and PLC are connected and configured, you can use the HMI to monitor and control the operation of the PLC and any connected devices.

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