Power Supply Board for S7-200


Power Supply Board Suitable For Siemens PLC S7-200CN CPU 224XP 226 222 PLC 224XP Relay 224XP Relay Transistor Type

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Siemens S7-200 series PLCs are widely used in industrial automation and control applications, and their power supply boards are an essential component for reliable and stable operation. Universal power circuit boards that are designed to work with different models of the S7-200 series PLC can be a cost-effective solution for replacement or upgrade.

When selecting a power circuit board, it is important to check the compatibility with the specific model of the CPU and the power supply requirements of the PLC. The CPU224XP/226CN/222 models have different power ratings and input voltage ranges, so the power board should match those specifications.

The use of high-quality components such as electrolytic capacitors and optocouplers can contribute to the longevity and performance of the power circuit board.

There are two types of power board applied for current market plc, we checked the detail and give the following 2 variation for our customer choose,.

Long Pin(3cm length)
Short Pin(2cm Length)

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220V Relay Type 20mm Pin, 220V Relay Type 30mm Pin, 24V Transistor Type 20mm Pin, 24V Transistor Type 30mm Pin


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