RC-04 circuit is a snubber circuit, which is a type of circuit that is used to reduce voltage and current transients in electronic systems. It consists of a resistor (Rs) and capacitor (Cs) connected in series, and a switch connected in parallel with the series combination.

The resistor and capacitor work together to create a low-pass filter that smooths out voltage and current spikes. When the switch is turned on or off, the snubber circuit absorbs any voltage and current transients that may be present, helping to protect the electronic device from damage. Snubber circuits are commonly used in power electronic systems to improve the reliability and lifespan of electronic devices.

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It is a circuit structure in which the resistor Rs and the capacitor Cs are connected in series and connected in parallel with the switch. Used to improve the voltage and current waveforms that power electronic devices can withstand at the moment of turn-on and turn-off.

* Four-way independent work
* Suitable for load within 500W
* Can be used to protect thyristor/transistor/relay contacts
* Applied to frequency within 1000HZ
* DIN rail installation

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