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RCM-101-USB Cable for IAI Electirc Cylinder Driver ACON/PCON/SCON Debugging Cable



Model Number: RCM-101-USB
Length: About 3 Meters
Interface: Usb-Round Head 8-Pin
Support: Win7 (32/64 Bit)/Xp/Vista
Purpose: IAI Electric Cylinder Driver Acon/Pcon/Scon Debugging Cable

amsamotion rcm-101-usb

The RCM-101-USB is a debugging cable for use with IAI electric cylinder drivers. The cable is used to connect the cylinder driver to a computer, allowing you to debug and troubleshoot any issues that may be present. The RCM-101-USB cable is specifically designed for use with IAI’s ACON, PCON, and SCON cylinder drivers.

To use the RCM-101-USB IAI debugging cable, you will need to install the appropriate drivers on your computer and connect the cable to both the cylinder driver and the computer. You can then use IAI’s debugging software to communicate with the cylinder driver and troubleshoot any issues that may be present.

It is important to note that the RCM-101-USB debugging cable is specific to IAI’s electric cylinder drivers and may not be compatible with other types of devices or cylinder drivers

IAI RCM-101-USB Driver

RCM-101-“IAI” RC/EC Software

IAI soft users can update the latest version of PC software. The latest version of PC software is available upon request. 
You shall be deemed to agree with the Software License Agreement, once you use it. Therefore, please read it before operating. You can use the Software only if you agree with it.

RCM-101-IAI is software used to configure and modify IAI RC/EC series products, such as RCP4 6, RCP4, and RCP3. It is the latest version of the software that supports this series.

3 LED Indicators

3-Light Display, LED Flashing Indicator

amsamotion rcm-101-usb

Gold plated Connector

Gold-Plated Connectors For Low Resistance And Reduced Wear On Plugging And Unplugging

amsamotion rcm-101-usb

Anti-Counterfeit Lines

Dual-Color Soft-Cover Technology To Increase The Difficulty Of Imitation To Solve The Problem Of Being Imitated
amsamotion rcm-101-usb

PC Shell Material

PC Plastic, High Impact Strength, Good Stability, Colorless And Transparent, Electrical Insulation, Corrosion Resistance, Good Abrasion Resistance

amsamotion rcm-101-usb

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg




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