RS232/485/422-LORA Wireless PLC Long Rage Radio Communication Module RS485 RS422 to LR100 Signal Converter Spread Spectrum

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LORA wireless transparent transmission module is small in size, high in sensitivity, and low in power consumption

Advanced LORA modulation technology, with the advantages of long-distance anti-interference
Multiple wireless power (5-20dB), multiple serial port baud rates, flexible communication
Can receive RS232, RS422, and RS485 three kinds of signals, data transparent transmission, adapt to any standard or non-standard user protocol, applicable to a wide range of equipment
Paired communication, can be easily paired by resetting, getting started quickly
The parameters of the host are simple and can be changed, the versatility is good, and one machine (set) is multi-purpose
Automatic sub-package transmission can be set to ensure the integrity of the data package
The communication process can be encrypted to ensure the security of data transmission
Metal black shell, vertical installation, can be equipped with plastic guide rail

Application Scenario
Wireless meter reading
Industrial remote control, telemetry
Automated data acquisition system
Wireless monitoring of building automation, security, equipment room equipment
POS system, etc.

RS232/485/422-LORA Manual_Ver2.2

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RS232-485-422-LORA, RS232-485-LORA




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