RS232-RS485/422 Converter


  • Transmission stability: The baud rate is 300BPS-115200BPS, twisted pair or shielded cable, no external power supply is required.
  • Transmission distance: 15M (RS232), 1200M (RS-485), baud rate: 300BPS-115200BPS.
  • Asynchronous half-duplex operation: Convert the TXD and RXD signals of the RS-232 serial port into a two-wire balanced half-duplex RS signal, without an external power supply, through the serial port
  • Remote data communication between computers, external devices, or smart instruments for different standard serial interfaces


Isolation RS232-RS485/422 Converter Serial Adapter RS232 to RS 422 485 Data Converter Passive Industrial Communication Module

An isolation RS232-RS485/422 converter is a type of serial adapter that is used to convert an RS232 signal into an RS485/422 signal. The RS232 signal is a standard for serial communication transmission of data, while RS485/422 signal is a standard for industrial serial communication. RS485/RS422 are long-distance, multi-point communication protocols that can be used to connect multiple devices together over a longer distance than RS232 allows.

The converter is designed to be a passive device, which means that it does not require an external power source to function. It uses the power from the connected devices to operate.

This type of converter is used in industrial environments where devices need to communicate over long distances, such as factories, warehouses, or large industrial complexes. It is a cost-effective solution that enables RS232 devices to communicate with RS485/RS422 devices, allowing those devices to work together in the same system.
It allows the connection of devices such as computers, PLCs, and other industrial equipment which have RS232 interfaces to devices that have RS485/422 interfaces.

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