DB9 Serial COM Port TTL Level Shell RS232-TTL Two-Way Converter Mutual Conversion Module

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Female Hole Male Pin Serial COM Port TTL Level Shell RS232-TTL Two-Way Converter Mutual Conversion Module

1. Product features:
Support +3.0-5.5V wide working voltage;
Use original industrial-grade chips, support -40℃~+85℃ work;
Receiving blue and sending green indicator lights;
With high-standard ESD protection:
±15V human body model
±15KV IEC1000-4-2 air discharge
±8KV IEC1000-4-2 contact discharge
RS-232 is fully compatible with EIA/TIA-232-F standard

2. Function introduction:
RS-232 is the interface standard of serial data communication, which is widely used in the connection between the serial interface peripherals of the computer.
In the RS-232 standard, the signal size of logic ‘1’ and logic ‘0’ is within ±3~±15V to meet the requirements, where logic ‘1’ (MARK)=-3V~-15V, logic ‘0’ (SPACE )=+3~+15V.
The TTL interface is often seen in the MCU interface, and some interfaces are marked as UART and USART, which can be connected to this module. +5V stands for logic
‘1’ (+3.3V system can use 3.3V to represent ‘1’), OV represents logic ‘0’.

3. Examples of uses:
The RS232-TTL signal mutual conversion module can realize the mutual conversion between RS232 and TTL. It can be widely used in the following scenarios:
The TTL serial ports of MCUs such as single-chip microcomputer, ARM, FPGA, for Arduino, etc. communicate with RS232 level devices.
Mobile phone flashing, XBOX360 flashing, GPS, electronic compass, car detection, DVD flashing, hard disk repair, set-top box upgrade (to achieve this part of the function requires the buyer to have the relevant flashing ability, our customer service staff will not operate it)
Serial port expansion of the device
Communication with RS232 port of computer PC

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DB9 Female, DB9 Male


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