RS232 Convert WIFI Adapter LAN Industrial Conversion Module Wireless Converter External Antenna RS232 Serial Port To WiFi Module

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External antenna RS232 serial port to WiFi module small volume RJ45 serial port server

An RS232 to WiFi module, also known as a wireless converter, is a type of industrial conversion module that is used to convert an RS232 serial signal to a WiFi signal. This module allows you to connect an RS232 device, such as a computer or PLC, to a wireless network, enabling the device to communicate with other devices connected to the network. The module can be used to enable remote access and control of the connected device, as well as to enable data transfer between the device and other devices on the network.

The external antenna version of this module includes an external antenna, which can provide a better signal reception and improve the transmission distance.
The module has a small volume and typically comes with an RJ45 serial port server, which allows easy integration with existing systems and networks. This can be a cost-effective solution for adding wireless capabilities to an RS232 device, as it avoids the need to replace the device with a newer, wireless-enabled version.

In summary, an RS232 to WiFi module is a type of industrial conversion module that allows you to connect an RS232 device to a wireless network and allows for remote access and control of the device, data transfer, and allows for a cost-effective solution to add wireless capabilities to an existing RS232 device.
The external antenna version improves the signal reception and transmission distance and the module comes in small volumes with RJ45 serial port server for easy integration.


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