The RS485-LORA-M module device allows for communication between devices using the RS485 protocol and the LoRa wireless communication protocol. The module functions as a bridge between the two protocols, converting data transmitted over RS485 to a format that can be transmitted wirelessly using LoRa, and vice versa. This allows devices that use RS485 for communication to be connected wirelessly, potentially over long distances, using the LoRa protocol.


The RS485-LORA-M (relay support) module provides a transparent RS485 data interface, which can adapt to most standard or non-standard user protocols.

➤In the data transmission state, transparent data transmission is performed. In this state, the LORA module sends the device data received from the RS485 serial port directly from the air; all data received from the air is directly sent to the device from the RS485 serial port.
➤RS485-LORA-M is a LORA module that works in the “410-525MHz” frequency band, half-duplex communication, and supports data transmission when used as a relay.
➤According to the forwarding function, the serial port only supports RS485 signals.
➤LORA module features: pure radio frequency module, supports sending and receiving data signals
➤LORA chip solution: SX1268 (cannot be used with SX1278 modules)
➤Working frequency band: 410-525Mhz, support ISM frequency band, the default is 433Mhz, channel spacing 2Mhz is appropriate
➤LORA transmission mode: half-duplex, transparent transmission
➤Modulation method: LORA modulation and demodulation technology
➤Transmission power: Maximum transmission power (factory default) 22dbm, generally the default is set to maximum
➤Communication interface: RS485 terminal) serial port
➤Serial port parameters: serial port baud rate 1200-115200, 14 serial communication formats
➤Air baud rate: about 300~31250, the smaller the air baud rate, the longer the communication distance, but the transmission rate is also slow
➤Working voltage: DC9-28V, recommended 12V or 24V, terminal wiring power supply, power supply anti-reverse connection
➤Current parameter
1. When waiting for DC12V, 15ma; when DC24V, 4ma
2. Transmit (momentary) When the transmit power is 22dbm, 50ma (DC12V), or 24ma (DC24V)
3. Receive (instantaneous) 22ma (DC12V) or 12ma (DC24V)
➤Data length: When the capacity of a single packet exceeds the 255Byte of the internal ring FIFO buffer of the module, it will be automatically packaged and sent; the maximum buffer capacity is 1024Byte
➤Communication distance: 3000m in clear open space (air baud rate 1200), installation height 2 meters above the ground
➤Working environment: Working temperature: -40~+85℃; Storage temperature: -40~+125℃
➤Antenna interface: RF-SMA suction cup antenna, characteristic impedance 50Ω
➤Size 80*30*50 (L*W*H, overall size except for antenna and DIN rail card holder, unit: mm)

The RS485-LORA-M wireless serial port digital transparent transmission module is a device that allows for remote communication between two devices using RS485 and LoRa technology. It has an RS485 interface on one side and a LoRa interface on the other and is capable of transparently transmitting data between the two. The module also supports a relay function, which means it can be used to control a device remotely by sending signals over the network. The RS485-LORA-M module is useful in situations where it is necessary to communicate with a device that is located a long distance away or in a hard-to-reach location. It allows you to transmit data over long distances without the need for physical cables or wires.


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