RS485 RS422 to EtheCAT RS485/422-EC Modbus RTU Serial Server Module RS485/422 ETH Converter TCP Network RJ45 Din Rail Mount


RS485/RS422-EC is an EtherCAT-to-MODUBUS RTU communication module, which is economical, stable, easy to install, and highly applicable. Support up to 10 slave station modules, each slave station module can support 64-bit coils, 64-bit discrete inputs, 16 holding registers, and 16 input registers. It can be used for expansion, that is, it supports a single module with a maximum of 640 coils, 640 discrete inputs, 160 holding registers, and 160 input registers.

Support Modbus RTU master function, adopt standard Modbus RTU communication protocol, communication interface can be set
Support RS485 or RS422 transparent transmission function
Module baud rate, data format, and slave information can be set through the EtherCAT host computer
Relevant user information can be permanently saved and available immediately after power-on
It adopts DIN 35MM standard guide rail installation method, which is convenient for the installation
The power circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design
Widely used in signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment



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