TTL to RS232 Module


TTL to RS232 Converter module can realize mutual conversion between the TTL level and RS232 level. The RS-232 side is a standard male/female connector, which is convenient for connecting to external equipment. Integrated RTS/CTS flow control and power supply, sending and receiving indicator lights. With four M3 positioning holes, the original chip, speed can be as high as 500KHZ (460800bps).


The TTL to RS232 Serial interface Module is a device that allows for bidirectional conversion between TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) and RS232 (Recommended Standard 232) voltage levels. It uses an SP3232 chip, which is a popular choice for RS232-level conversion.

The RS-232 side of the module features a standard male/female DB9 connector, making it easy to connect to external equipment that uses RS232 communication. The module supports hardware flow control using the CTS (Clear To Send) and RTS (Request To Send) control pins. These pins can also be utilized as a secondary TTL/RS232 conversion when not being used for flow control.

The module includes three indicator lights of different colors, which provide visual feedback on the power supply status and sending/receiving activity, making it convenient to monitor the communication status.

There are two options available for the DB9 interface: a rivet type and a stud type. This allows you to choose the appropriate connector for your specific equipment.

The module also features four M3 stud mounting holes, enabling easy installation and secure attachment.

The maximum achievable speed of this module is 460800 bps (bits per second), which is four times the standard speed of 115200 bps commonly used in RS232 communication.

Overall, this module provides a convenient solution for converting between TTL and RS232 voltage levels, with stable performance, flexible connectivity options, and reliable speed capabilities.

VCC: 3-5.5V power supply positive
GND: The negative pole of the 3-5.5V power supply.
TX: TTL signal flows in.
RX: TTL signal flows out.
CTS: Flow control signal, outgoing (not necessary for communication, you can not connect)
RTS: flow control signal, inflow (not necessary for communication, you can not connect)

Customers who don’t understand hardware flow control can ignore CTS/RTS and leave it unconnected, which will not affect normal communication.


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