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TTL to RS232 Module, RS232 to TTL Level, Male Female DB9 Serial Port Module RS-232 TTL Mutual Conversion Adapter

This module can realize mutual conversion between the TTL level and RS232 level. The RS-232 side is a standard male/female connector, which is convenient for connecting to external equipment. Integrated RTS/CTS flow control and power supply, sending and receiving indicator lights. With four M3 positioning holes, the original chip, speed can be as high as 500KHZ (460800bps).

The module of our shop is a standard wire sequence, which is exactly the same as the DB9 male/female connector that comes with the computer (2RX, 3TX, 5GND, 7RTS, 8CTS).

Main Feature
Original imported SP3232 chip, original Samsung capacitor, brand new material, stable speed can reach 460800bps (4 times 115200)
With hardware flow control CTS/RTS control pin (can also be used as the second TTL/232 conversion when not in use).
Integrated power supply/send/receive three indicator lights of different colors to facilitate observation of the communication status.
Provide two different DR9 interfaces, rivet type, and stud type, to adapt to equipment with different interfaces.
With 4 stud mounting holes, easy to install and use.

Pin Description
VCC: 3-5.5V power supply positive
GND: The negative pole of the 3-5.5V power supply.
TX: TTL signal flows in.
RX: TTL signal flows out.
CTS: Flow control signal, outgoing (not necessary for communication, you can not connect)
RTS: flow control signal, inflow (not necessary for communication, you can not connect)

Customers who don’t understand hardware flow control can ignore CTS/RTS and leave it unconnected, which will not affect normal communication.


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