UG00C-T Suitable FUJI UG DOP Series HMI Touch Panel Programming Cable


The UG00C-T programming cable is a professional-grade solution designed to facilitate seamless programming and configuration of FUJI UG/DOP Series HMI touch panels. This cable is specifically engineered to ensure reliable and efficient communication between a computer and the touch panel, offering professional users a robust and dependable connection.

Key Features:

  • Model: UG00C-T
  • Length: 2.5 meters
  • Interface: RS485 (9-pin) network port
  • Compatibility: Supports WIN7 (32/64Bit) and XP operating systems
  • Purpose: Designed for professional programming of FUJI UG/DOP Series HMI touch panels

The UG00C-T programming cable boasts a professional-grade construction, adhering to the highest industry standards. Its length of 2.5 meters allows for flexibility in setup, enabling convenient access to the touch panel during programming and configuration tasks.

With its RS485 network port interface, the UG00C-T cable ensures stable and secure data transmission between the computer and the touch panel. This reliable communication channel enables professional users to efficiently program and configure the HMI touch panel, facilitating precise control and comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

The UG00C-T programming cable is meticulously designed to be fully compatible with WIN7 (32/64Bit) and XP operating systems, catering to the needs of professional users in various industrial settings. It’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface streamline the programming and configuration processes, providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

For professionals seeking a dependable and high-performance solution, the UG00C-T programming cable is an essential tool for optimizing programming workflows and enhancing the functionality of FUJI UG/DOP Series HMI touch panels. Experience the reliability, efficiency, and precision that this professional-grade cable offers in your programming endeavors.

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