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USB-1761-1747-CP3 New Design Cable Suitable Allen Bradley AB Series PLC Programming Cable Replace USB-1761-CBL-PM02/USB-1747-CP3


AB PLC MicroLogix1500 1200/850 SLC/01 Programming Cable

Model: USB-1761-1747-CP3
Length: Around 3 Meters
Interface: USB-round 8-pins +9-pins female
Support: WIN7 (32/64 bit) / XP / VISTA
Purpose: USB-1761-1747-CP3 for AB SLC 5/03 5/05 and MicroLogix 1000/1200/1500 series PLC programming cable

Note: AB’s SLC 5/04, 5/03, and SLC500 series cannot be programmed with a round head. They can only be programmed with the 9-hole female interface. If they are forced to be inserted into the round head of the PLC for programming, they may be burned out.

The USB-1761-1747-CP3 programming cable is designed to be a replacement for the USB-1761-CBL-PM02 cable and can be used to connect a personal computer to an Allen Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC). It is compatible with Allen Bradley AB SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 PLCs, as well as MicroLogix1000, MicroLogix1200, and MicroLogix1500 series PLCs.

The USB-1761-1747-CP3 cable has two types of connection ports: a USB port for connecting to a computer and a serial port for connecting to a PLC. This allows for fast and reliable communication between the computer and the PLC.

To use the USB-1761-1747-CP3 cable, you will need to install the appropriate drivers and programming software on your computer. Once the drivers and software are installed, you can connect the cable to the computer and PLC and use the programming software to write and debug your PLC program.

  • Gold-plated connection plug with low resistance, reduce plug abrasion, and anti-oxidation protection, making the connection better, cable crust applied insulated PVC meet POHS standard.
  • Dust and water resistant adapter. Pure copper core, fast transfer rate, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength, low resistivity, good ductility, and low energy consumption.
  • USB side with a high-intensity magnetic ring can protect the communication free from the influence of a magnetic field.
  • The adapter makes communication more stable, 2.5m cable length solve long-distance connection issue. USB support hot-swap, anti-oxidation protection, and more durability.
  • The cable uses an environmentally friendly PVC pure copper process, and the wire is soft, which can reduce signal loss., it doesn’t affect the communication quality even in winter. Working temperature from -30°C to 70°C.

1761-cbl-pm02 pinout

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Gold Plated Version, FTDI-ISOLATION Version

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