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What’s the features of USB-CIF31?

1. Support USB-CIF31 operating system,  Windows2000/XP /WIN7( WinNT4/95/98/Me/DOS  don’t support PLC  communication)

2. Compatible USBV1.1 and USB CDC V1.1 standard

3. USB bus power supply,  consumption current 50mA

4. Baud rate: 300bps ~ 1Mbps, it will adapted automatically

5.Support UART data format,  data bit: 7, 8  Stop bit: 1,2   Verify bit:odd/even/no parity

6. Working Temperature: -20 ~ +75 ℃

7.Cble Length: 1M

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CS1W-CIF31 is a real converter interface from USB to RS232.   It will imitate the PC usb port as traditional RS232 serials port (COM port) under pc driver programming control, then it will start the existing programming software, such as communication software, and monitoring software.   This cable supply power comes from usb port and no need to supply power from outside. The dichromatic LED in the switch box give the indication of sending and receiving status.

RS232 port of CS1W-CIF31 is standard DTE interface, the signal array as below:

CS1W-CIF31 did very perfact on emulate RS23 serials port, even more it can conduct I/O physical operation,  it like visit physical RS232 port for a application programmer.CS1W-CIF31support most of the RS232 serials port PLC Programming Cable, it has the essential differnce compare with the market similar type of product.

How to Use this Cable?

USB-CIF31 programming cable need to install USB driver programme then can be used,  these driver programme are included in driver CD, which together with the product that you buy.   Please view the documents on driver CD about the installation method. After finished the driver programme installation the  USB-CIF31 matched COM port will be generated automatically under windows device manager,  you just need to choose this COM port under  programming software or other software, then the next usage will be the same as traditional RS232 port.

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