USB-JZSP-CMS02 Suitable Yaskawa Sigma-II/ Sigma-III Series Servo Debugging Programming Cable SGM PC TO Servo Packs Cable


Servo Debugging Cable USB-JZSP-CMS02 for Yaskawa
USB to rs232 adapter for Yasawa servo Σ-II / Σ-III series

The USB-JZSP-CMS02 cable is a communication cable that is used to connect a Yaskawa Sigma-II or Sigma-III series servo drive to a computer. It is equipped with a USB connector on one end and a JZSP-CMS02 connector on the other end, which allows it to transmit data between the servo drive and the computer. The USB-JZSP-CMS02 cable is typically used for debugging and programming the servo drive, as well as for transmitting data between the servo drive and other devices. It is an essential tool for anyone who is working with Yaskawa Sigma-II or Sigma-III series servo drives, as it allows them to easily connect the servo drive to a computer and make changes to the servo drive’s programming or configuration.

USB-jzsp-cms02 Driver Download

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