This USB-SC09 cable is for USB programming cable for Mitsubishi FX & A series PLC, with reliable performance and reasonable price. It can also replace FX-232AW mudule and support long distance communication.


This cable simulate USB port as traditional serial port (usually COM3), which enables existing programming software to communicate through simulated traditional port and PLC devices. Embedded with this cable is the necessary data conversion equipments to communicate between PLC end to and PC USB end.

Support GX Developer V8.0 or higher.
Support Windows 7/2000/Windows XP/10 32/64bit
Support long distance communication, max. 2 kilometers (9600 bps)
Smart LED indicator. Auto identification of optical isolation status.
baud rate: 300 bps ~ 1Mbps automatically adaptive.
USB bus-powered, with current consumption of 50 mA
Each PC Support multiple cables
Support UART data format: Data bit: 7, 8, stop bit: 1, 2, Parity: odd / even / no parity
Compatible with USB V1.1 and V2.0


      USB device drivers should be installed before using programming cable, which are available on the CD-ROM sold together with the cable. And for the specific installation steps, please refer to the instruction files on the CD-ROM drivers, and details are not necessarily listed here.

      After completing Driver installation, the corresponding COM port for the programming cable will be displayed in the Device Manager of Window. The step next is just to choose this COM port in the programming software and other application software and keep other communication parameters as in the Default settings. And the following steps are exactly the same as in the traditional programming cables with RS232 interfaces.


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