USB to RJ45 Console Cable


Ugreen USB to RJ45 Console Cable RS232 Serial Adapter for Cisco Router 1.5m USB RJ 45 8P8C Converter USB Console Cable


Product Name: USB to RJ45 Console Cable
Color: Black
Length: 1.5 Meters
Wire: Using Oxygen-free Copper, PVC Protection
1. Compatible With Windows Vista, For Mac os, For Windows 7
2. Compatible With Linux, For Windows 10, For Windows XP
3. Compatible With Windows 8.1, For Windows 8
4. Compatible With Console Device Such as For Cisco, For TP-Link, For Huawei, For HP Procurve, and More

A USB to RJ45 console cable is a type of cable that is used to connect a computer to a networking device such as a router or switch. The cable has a USB connector on one end that plugs into the computer, and an RJ45 connector on the other end that plugs into the networking device.

The USB to RJ45 console cable is typically used to access the command line interface (CLI) of the networking device. This allows you to configure and manage the device using a terminal emulator program on your computer. The cable provides a direct connection between the computer and the device, allowing you to control the device remotely.

There are many different types of USB to RJ45 console cables available, and it is important to choose a cable that is compatible with your specific computer and networking device.

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