Schneider PLC Cable TSXPCX3030

TSXPCX3030 is a multifunctional programming cable that provides serial connection and RS485 signal conversion through the USB interface. The working power of this cable is taken from the USB port and is no longer powered by the TER port of the PLC. Therefore, this cable supports communication with the TER or AUX port of the … Read more

TSXPCX3030-C Driver

TSXPCX3030-C cable is used with Schneider Electric’s Modicon PLCs for programming and communication. 1, TSXPCX3030-C is the TSXPCX3030-C cable driver, please install it first. 2. When programming the Twido series PLC with the TSXPCX3030-C cable, in addition to installing the programming software, you need to install the Modbus driver. The Modbus driver version cannot be … Read more